The Smart Home Process - What to expect:

Step 1 - Budgetary Quotation/Demonstration

The first step of your Smart Home journey will begin with us providing an initial quotation for your project. Whether large or small, this will help with your budgeting and to ensure we can work within your timescales.  Completion of on-line our enquiry form can speed this process up.

If you prefer a one-to-one meeting to understand the benefits of a Smart Home, a meeting will be set up with one of our designers either on-site, at your home or in a professional workspace near you.  The designer can demonstrate a fully working Smart Home system including audio and video switching, lighting and heating control, motorised blinds along with the various control and finish options.

Our design fees are calculated and a 50% deposit is requested to generate a complete, detailed proposal.

To ensure your design can reach its full potential, the design needs to be done at the very beginning of a project before electrical first fix.

Step 2a - Requirements Meeting

During the requirements meeting, the designer will go through your plans and discuss the project in detail with you. The aim of this meeting is to ascertain as much information as possible about you and family’s lifestyle and your specific requirements.

The more information provided at this stage, the better the solution will fit you and your family.

Additional, our designers will capture the technical elements from your project team to ensure all aspects of the system are considered.


Step 2b - Review Meeting

A second meeting is required once the all the technical elements are understood to personalise the design and allow any last minute changes prior to completion of the detailed design proposal.

Here the designer will discuss Scenes and Notifications which really make a Smart Home…. Smart!

Step 4 - Detailed Plans and Specifications

After the initial meetings, the designer will prepare a full set of designs in CAD format, a specification and detailed quotation. This would include the proposed functionality and control strategy. This typically takes around 15 working days from receipt of all relevant information.  The specification and plans include full technical information of what is required on a room-by-room.  They detail the exact location of all equipment and examples of how you will interact with your home.

On-Going Site Visits and Revisions

We normally liaise with your electrical contractor and we will answer any queries they may have regarding the scheme. The designer would be happy to visit site during the first/second fix stage and this would be charged at our normal hourly rate as detailed in any fee proposal.

We will ensure that we co-ordinate with the rest of the design team to incorporate changes. Revisions will be charged at the hourly rate for design time and for marking up of the plans.

System Build

Our designers will liaise our engineering team to explain the required system.

All equipment is ordered upfront and is assembled in our dedicated workshop where it is fully tested prior to being installed into your home.  This reduces the amount of time required on-site.

In the mean time Automated Smart Homes may be conducting “1st fix”, installing the cabling.  Alternatively, we will be working very closely with your electrical contractor to ensure cabling is being installed correctly according to industry standard wiring specifications. We will conduct full cabling testing, at various stages of the build, regardless to ensure the core infrastructure is reliable.

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