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When rewiring a house you want to have the correct cabling infrastructure hidden in-walls to support systems such as Intelligent “Mood” Lighting Control, energy saving Heating Control, Audio/Visual distribution and Security but with so many different systems available, where do you start?

Below are the systems you should consider when rewiring a house.

Lighting Design

Although not a system as such, Lighting Design is an important step when rewiring a house.  The process of Lighting Design is concerned with the selection and placement of lighting to provide the right ambience of a rooms.

Please read our Lighting Design guide for tips and tricks of the trade.

Lighting Control

Lighting control allows you to set the perfect lighting ambience or mood by simply pressing a button no matter how many lights are involved.  Any lights in your home can be set to turn on or off automatically either on a schedule or if motion is detected. We offer lighting design, installation and programming services and the ideal time is when you are rewiring a house.

Please read our guide on Why you should consider an Automated Lighting Control System

Heating Control

Rather than try to regulate your whole home’s heating from one central thermostat.  Our Heating Control systems “zone” your home thereby allowing you to only heat the rooms you are actually using.  You can even automatically turn off your heating by simply setting your home security alarm or turn on your heating when returning to your home. We have wireless options available but if you are rewiring a house then we recommend you contact us to help plan the heating and cooling design.

Control your whole home

As CEDIA Home Technology Professionals we can provide one simple to use interface to control every aspect of your home whether it be your lighting, heating, audio/visual equipment, or security. Why complicate your lives with multiple remotes or different Apps from from different companies.

Music around your home

Regain your love for music. Whether you have CD’s, iTunes libraries or stream music from Spotify, Tidal, etc we can provide you with hifi quality music throughout your home and even into outdoor spaces.  Simply select what you want and where you want to listen to it and press play, relax and enjoy. High quality music is best using a dedicated cabling infrastructure and rewiring a house is the best time to install the correct multi room audio cabling.

Home Security and CCTV

Secure your home but access it easily without keys but with a PIN code or scan of you finger.  Give visitors access to your home for set periods or receive notification when loved ones return home.  Monitor your whole home remotely, day or night, with high definition CCTV cameras.

Home Cinema

We love movies and providing you with a Home Cinema so you can enjoy a night in-at-the-movies is always rewarding.  We can design and install reference level dedicated Home Cinemas or hide a Home Cinema into your living space.  Immerse yourself with the latest 3D audio using Atmos, Aura 3D or Dolby DTS. The latest 3d Audio Home Cinemas require additional cabling, so when rewiring a house please contact us for guidance on what cabling to instal and where.

WiFi and Internet

We have huge expertise in IT networking.  We can provide you with reliable, secure WiFi coverage all around your home, allowing you to roam free. Whilst rewiring a house cabling can be installed to extend your WiFi signal around your home. Ensuring your information and what young family members are viewing is also important to us.

Hidden Technology

Technology is great but not everyone wants to see it in the living areas.  We can hide or disguise televisions, projection screens, speakers so that they are not visible when not in use and appear, simply, at a touch of a button when needed.

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