Westminster Town House


Engaged by leading architects Collado Collins following a presentation given by Automated Smart Homes on Designing Integrated Future Ready Homes, Automated Smart Homes became key members of the project design team producing the design specification for the renovation of a prestige five storey town house in Westminster. Automated Smart Homes were also used a preferred contractor for the installation of the proposed Smart Home elements, encompassing lighting and heating control, multi-room audio and security, including access control

Systems Provided

Control Icon The main brief from the client was that the system needed to be simple to use. We selected Control4 and introduced a series of in-wall and portable dedicated touchscreens on each floor. Each, along with the client’s mobile devices, offered the same easy-to-use simple graphical interface for controlling the lighting and heating in the property. additional functionality included music selection from a range of sources, and viewing / allowing entry to visitors at the front door.

Additionally, the dedicated touchscreen enabled the clients to communicate between rooms using the built-in intra-room intercom, much needed when there are four flights of stairs to contend with daily!

Lighting Icon Lighting was a key feature of the project’s design. The project’s Interior Designer selected a variety of lighting which was to be controlled by a lighting control system, from Lutron.

Audio Icon Each main room, all bedrooms and the terrace were equipped with discreet hi-fidelty speakers allowing the client to listen to music from internet streaming services such as Napster in any room desired. Physical limitations of the proposed centralised space for the equipment guided us towards the compact multi-room audio IP music system from NuVo technologies.

HVAC Icon The property was to be unoccupied for periods of time, and so the clients wanted the option to turn on the heating remotely when en-route to their residence in London. The newly released EvoTouch heating control (from Honeywell) was installed as this gave full remote control of the heating from anywhere in the world via 3G or WiFi.

Security IconSecurity was important to the clients, so we installed CCTV cameras which afforded them the peace of mind of viewing their London home when away using mobile devices.

Network IconFull wi-fi coverage was provided over the multiple floors ensuring excellent performance despite the traditional thick wall construction of a period home.


Part Home Lighting Control

At the outset of the project, control of every lighting circuit in the 5 storey home was planned. However, due to cost engineering required by the project design team near the completion of the project, lighting circuits in certain rooms were removed from specification.

This resulted in some lights being controlled by the intelligent lighting system, and some being controlled using traditional lighting switches.

This means that when the client leaves their property, lights not controlled by the intelligent lighting system need to be turned off manually (or just left on, wasting energy). Equally, when the property is vacant and the client wants to simulate occupancy, only part of the property’s lights are turned on/off automatically.

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