Commuter Apartments in Kilburn


Development of 5 high end apartments to compliment an existing block, and highly sought after multiple dwelling units (MDU) on the doorstep of Kilburn’s commuter network

Systems Provided

Audio IconThe main living area and 3 bedrooms were fitted with discreet in-ceiling speakers. A multi-room audio system was selected which would allow different music source options to be added depending on the apartment purchaser’s preference. The system allowed for music to be played via Bluetooth, catering for non-Apple devices, and via Airplay for owners of Apple products. In addition, music from various on-line music streaming services could be chosen to bolster the listening options.

Video Icon A closet was used to locate shared video sources and the purchaser’s preferred video entertainment could then be distributed using a multi-room video distribution system to the four rooms, negating the need to locate unsightly equipment in the rooms themselves.

Control Icon An upgrade path was designed for the purchasers on completion, to give them an option of simple control of the audio/visual systems via single button presses to turn on/off all equipment and change to favourite stations.

Network Icon In addition to the communal TV and Satellite distribution to all apartments, each apartment was wired for TV and computer points in each room


Missed opportunity of scalable technology

Automated Smart Homes were engaged towards the end of the development, and at the time the full potential of the technical specifications hadn’t been given the consideration perhaps they deserved and required to both attract target buyers, and differentiate the properties from other similar developments in the highly competitive local area.

Unfortunately it was too late for Automated Smart Homes to advise that by simply investing in the right kind of Smart Home cabling infrastructure at the build stage, purchasers of the apartments would have been afforded far greater upgrade options to suit their current and future lifestyle needs.

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