Chapter 1 - Automated Lighting Control System

When building or renovating your home, lighting is, of course, a key element but do you need an Automated Lighting Control System? In this article we are going to look at the reasons why home owners should consider discussing Automated Lighting Control System to enhance a home and simplify their daily routine.

Chapter 1 – Automated Lighting Control System

Chapter 2 – Intelligent Light Switches

Chapter 3 – Lighting Automation for modern homes

Chapter 4 – Automated Blinds for convenience and security

I only need a simple switch to turn the lights on!

    1. Absolutely! We agree when you enter a room all you want to do is, without looking, hit one button to turn the lights in that room on. You don’t want to have to stop and identify which button will turn on which lights. Even with an intelligent

Automated Lighting Control System

    1. our recommendation would always be to minimise the number of buttons at the entry to a room or area. However, if you have read our guide on the

Benefits of Lighting Design

    1. you will know a room or area can be transformed by the technique of “layering of light” and to achieve these “layers of light”, multiple lighting circuits are needed.

Traditionally, every lighting circuit needs a switch (or dimmer) to control just that one lighting circuit. Therefore, a room with just four lighting circuits would require a switch similar to following to control all four lighting circuits.

Automated Lighting Control System using Traditional Light Switches

If this is your home, you will probably over time remember which switch turns on which lights but we guarantee that you will only ever switch one of the lights on, probably the main lights on each and every time you enter that room. Now think, when a visitor wants to turn the lights on, it’s going to be complete guess work and they’ll randomly press any (or all) buttons until there is some form of light in that room. The resulting light will probably not enhance the room it will just be light.

Simplify lighting using an Intelligent Lighting Control System

There are various intelligent lighting control systems available and our guide on How to choose the best Lighting Control System explains the various systems and different methods of wiring your home for intelligent lighting control. When installing an Automated Lighting Control System the traditional light switches are replaced with intelligent keypads as shown below but this is not the only option as you will see in Chapter 2 – Intelligent light switches! For now, let’s assume you install intelligent keypads.

The style, functionality and cost of the intelligent keypads varies between manufacturer and so does button configuration options. Most offer keypads with between 2 and 10 buttons and allow for the buttons to be engraved with text which is also backlit for reading in low light.

Automated Lighting Control System intelligent light switches

The important thing to know is that each button on an intelligent keypad is only a communication signal and it is NOT electrically turning on/off (or raising/lowering) the physical light!

So, without getting technical, pressing the button engraved “Dining” sends a signal, “Button 1 pressed” to the Automated Lighting Control System which in turn controls the physical light. Pressing just ONE button, “Dining” could control one light or hundreds of lights ANYWHERE and each light would be turned on to a specific light level or colour, thereby re-creating the exact “mood” or “scene” lighting” EACH AND EVERY TIME!

Now, you could have a 10 button intelligent keypad in every room allowing you instant re-creation of at least 10 scenes of lighting but as we recommended above, minimising the button configuration may be simpler. Plus as you will read later there other ways of turning lights on (and off) with out a light switch.

Chapter 2 – Intelligent light switches.

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